FAM STUMABO Launches Yuran™ Hytec 300 at Anuga FoodTec 2024. The New High-Capacity Belt-Fed Dicer for the Meat and Alternative Protein Processing Industry

FAM STUMABO is about to change the meat and alternative protein processing industry with the launch of their latest innovation, the Yuran Hytec 300. This high-capacity belt-fed dicer will make its debut at Anuga FoodTec 2024, held from March 19 till 22.

The Yuran Hytec 300 is a versatile machine designed to dice, strip-cut, and shred a wide variety of meat, poultry, and alternative protein products. This cutting-edge equipment offers enhanced processing capabilities compared to its predecessor, the Yuran Hytec 240.

The key features of the Yuran Hytec 300:

1. Increased capacity: The 300 mm wide conveyor belt allows a increased feeding capacity, accommodating products with larger dimensions.

2. Versatile cutting options: Dual independent variable-speed motors enable precise adjustments to cut size and shape without the need for additional cutting tools.
3. Efficient changeovers: Quick-removable splined shafts of the cutting spindles facilitate fast changeovers from one cut size to another, reducing downtime in the production process.

4. Hygienic design: The smart hygienic design ensures easy, thorough, and safe cleaning of the machine.

The product is fed via the belt and guided towards the feed roll, ensuring a positive transfer into the circular knives. These circular knives cut the product into strips, which are then diced by the crosscut knife spindle at the desired height or length. The machine also offers the option of a pre-break system for initial reduction in combination with subsequent cutting and shredding spindles.

Successful applications
The Yuran Hytec 300 finds its use in cutting fresh, crust-frozen, tempered frozen, and (hot) cooked meat-and poultry products. It excels in providing efficient and consistent “pulled look” shredding of cooked beef, poultry, and pork meats, making it ideal for BBQ meats, salad and pizza toppings, sandwiches, and handheld snacks. The specialized cutting tools are designed to handle the unique characteristics of extruded products, creating alternative meat products in familiar cuts and shapes.

Visit the FAM STUMABO booth at Anuga FoodTec in Hall 10.1, Booth E050 – F051, to see the Yuran Hytec 300 and to learn more about its features.