In 1969 BAADER developed the press-separation process for the separation of soft and hard components. It is used for desinewing and meat recovery of pre-cut red meat, poultry and fish, and in the production of puree and juice of fruits and vegetables, as well as the de-packaging of small packaged products.

Well-known, award-winning butche-ries confirm significant quality improvements and increased revenues through the use of the Baader-technology. With the use of Baader machines they get a competitive advantage.

BAADER will inform the visitors at the Agroprodmash about the continuous developments and options.

Through constant development BAADER machines are always on the cutting edge of technology, thus ensuring the necessary competitive edge.


With using the new BAADER batch feed system the customer can most effectively and continuously utilize his machine. This batch feed system is universal, that means, it can be used for all hopper machines and can be used with different input containers, e.g. E2 boxes, 200l / 300l eurobins or 600l to 800l standard boxes for loading. In combination with a Baader machine, it is possible to equip the batch feed system with a metal detector. Additional to that the Baader machine can “communicate” with the batch feed system, e.g. the batch feed system will stop feeding if the machine gives an alert that the machine is full.

This batch feed system is supplied on rolls, which makes cleaning easier and makes it flexible.


Baader this year expands the product range of Baader 601. This machine is now equipped with a special tamping device which is integrated in these machine to make it possible to process large pieces without mechanical pre-cutting. Due to this device one work step is saved and this results also in a higher quality product.

Additional to that the BAADER 601 is equipped with a dry running sensor.

One more machine which is shown on our booth is BAADER 604 with a support belt for longer lifetime of the squeezing belt and with feeding device.

The use of all these machines leads to significant improvements in product quality on a continuously high level and precisely repeatable production parameters. Through constant development BAADER machines are always on the cutting edge of technology and ensure a necessary competitive edge.

Not only the very high quality of the product but especially the big time savings, compared to the artisanal product separation and standardization needs to be highlighted.