Experts Predict an Increase in Poultry Export in 2023

The poultry export by Russian producers shows a good momentum for several years. Experts expect that this momentum will also remain positive in 2023.

According to the Agroexport data, the poultry export by the Russian producers doubled its volume since 2017, while in monetary terms there was almost a fivefold growth. The Agroexports report also shows that in 2022, the poultry export increased by 1.5 and this trend will continue in 2023.

Experts believe that the poultry export market has plenty of opportunities to expand. Russian government provided a strong support to poultry plants, the supply geography was significantly expanded in 2022, and all this created a potential in the poultry industry that has not been fully implemented yet. Experts also noted that the increase in the poultry production volume expected in 2023 will also contribute to the export growth. Russian producers already established new logistics chains, and they will strengthen their positions in the international market, unless the foreign restrictions prevent them to do that.

The turkey meat export will also increase due to the decreased supply from USA and Europe, as well as due to the depreciation of the Russian ruble, experts said. Overall, the profitability of exports is increasing due to the fact that the producers are now selling higher-value products – not whole birds but breast fillets, thighs, etc. The largest buyers of Russian poultry are China, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.