“Klinskiy” Meat Processing Plant Invests 2 Billion Rubles in its Modernization

“Klinskiy” meat processing plant will invest 2 billion rubles in its modernization in order to increase the production by 30%. The modernization is expected to be completed by the fall of 2023.
The Ministry of Agriculture reported that the modernization of “Klinskiy” meat processing plant in the Moscow region will be completed by the fall of 2023. The Ministry also reports that “PRODO” Group will invest 2 billion rubles in this project. By modernizing the plant, they will expand their production of sausages and delicacy cuts.

The first stage of modernization involves the construction of a warehouse and a new plant for slicing, the Ministry says. As a result, the production of sausages, Vienna sausages and delicacy cuts will increase by 30% up to 46,000 tons per year.

The company reports that their overall product sales increase by 40-80% per year not only in Russia, but the plant also expands its export to other markets. In 2022, the sales geography of the plant was expanded to include Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and United Arab Emirates.
A study of the analytical agency BusinessStat shows that 98% of the Russian sausage market consists of domestic products. Between 2018 and 2021 the sausage production increased by 7.3%, however, there was a decline in 2022. This decline was caused by the crisis and the overall decline in purchasing power both in Russia and abroad.
Source: www.sfera.fm