By tradition, the All-Ukrainian Food Technology Week will be held in Kyiv in early autumn. The leading trade fairs of the Ukrainian food industry INPRODMASH and UPAKOVKA are its most important components.

Food industry concentrates efforts of the entire agricultural sector and creates additional value, and thus contributes to the development of the economy. Under current conditions, it is not enough just to produce raw materials. Our task is to gear national economy towards innovative production, development and promotion of the brand MADE IN UKRAINE. Our priorities include not only European quality standards, but also the European way of life, ideals of a healthy and balanced diet, organic production and support of local production traditions. Further development of this industry and competitiveness of domestic food products are inseparably linked to the modernization of equipment and introduction of modern technology, which, first of all, are the result of innovative research of scientists and research teams.

INPRODMASH and UPAKOVKA exhibitions are a unique platform for demonstrating the best scientific achievements of domestic and global leaders in the production of technological equipment, packaging technology and materials for all sectors of food industry. This is a perfect opportunity for communication of leading experts from all around the world, search for new partners and establishment of active business contacts in order to transfer innovation.

Equipment, tools and materials for various industries: meat, dairy, fat-and-oil, fish, confectionery and bakery, grocery, canned foods, as well as a wide range of technological and auxiliary equipment for the wine industry and brewing are exhibited at INPRODMASH. Also, technologies for poultry and livestock farms – from slaughter lines and raw materials’ processing systems to the final stages of meat and poultry packaging – are demonstrated here. This year, participants also will offer equipment, accessories, hygiene and sanitary articles, special clothing and maintenance services.

In addition, companies supplying raw materials, ingredients and spices for the production of various food products showcased their products here.

Modern packaging technology, equipment and materials for both industrial enterprises and retail and catering companies are showcased at UPAKOVKA. Equipment for decorating packing materials, packaging and producing labels and security holograms, flexographic printing machines, as well as a wide range of designation equipment and logistic solutions.

INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA are the most effective way to promote products, find partners and receive the latest information on trends and consumer demand.