Intenso Pur – The Natural Flavour Enhancer


Intenso Pur was developed for the meat and the general foods industries and is used as a substitute for traditionally used seasonings. It adds a balanced aromatic fl avour and complements the overall sensory impression.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • no added monosodium glutamate

  • no yeast extract

  • no palm oil

  • no hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP)

  • no additives with required labelling

  • no allergenic ingredients with required labelling (pursuant to Annex III of the German Foodstuffs Labelling Regulation LMKV)

FUCHS Intenso Pur fl avour enhancers are available in three product variations: ‘Intenso Pur’ (with visible spice particles) and Intenso Pur Extract (without visible spice particles) are suitable for cooked cured foods, cooked and boiled sausages and many convenience products, soups, sauces and snacks. The product variation ‘Intenso Pur Without Dextrose’ has been especially developed for raw sausages and semi-cured products. With ‘Intenso Pur’, labelling on the fi nal product is only required for salt, spices and dextrose. In case of ‘Intenso Pur Extract’, labeling is required for salt, spices, dextrose, and spice extracts, and with ‘Intenso Pur Without Dextrose’, the ingredients subject to labelling are salt and spices. 


Intenso Pur in three product variations:

Art. No.



Ingredients subject to labelling


Intenso Pur

Gen. food industry and meat industry

Salt, spices, dextrose


Intenso Pur Extrakt

Cooked pickled foods, cooked and boiled sausages, many convenience products, soups, sauces and snacks

Salt, dextrose, spice extracts, spices


Intenso Pur Without Dextrose

Specifi cally for raw sausages and semicured products

Salt, spices