Made in Germany – Native to the North –at Home all Over the World: VIVUM from Friedr. Dick

The unique power of nature combined in a new knife series – VIVUM.

Friedr. Dick is launching a new, individual and extraordinary knife series on the market. These unique knives combine a natural appearance with extreme sharpness: an elegant and specially shaped birch wood handle comes together with the highest quality knife steel and a modern blade design.

The birch stands for life, strength, durability and reliability. It is not only the trunk that is easy to recognise but also its very special wood grains, which make every VIVUM handle unique. No two handles are the same. The new handle shapes not only look impressive but also sit snugly in your hand. The design is clear and expressive. The wood feels natural and lies comfortable in the hand. A feature that the surfer, photographer, restaurateur and outdoor chef Brian Bojsen also appreciates. “VIVUM has completely won me over. I love the grip and feel of the knives. For my kitchen over an open fire outdoors but also for everyday cooking at home – VIVUM is completely natural, super sharp and absolutely high-quality. The knives are perfect for me.”

VIVUM stands for the desire for uniqueness and naturalness like no other knife series, in a move away from old designs. The craftsmanship clearly comes to the fore while the monotony fades into the background. The combination of the unusual blade shapes and the birch wood handles creates unique pieces that combine the power of nature and the strength of metal. The extraordinary blade shapes are in harmony with the birch wood handle and allow an even longer cutting motion. This makes it easier to cut the food and creates a unique cutting experience. The highlight of the series: the “ASADOR” knife, specially designed for use on barbecues. With its powerful blade, it cuts meat like butter and even larger pieces are not a problem.

The VIVUM series stands for manual craftsmanship instead of serial uniformity. Back to the origins, back to craft work. As a unique piece, each knife is finished by hand by our experienced staff.

Friedr. Dick uses a special high-alloy steel for the VIVUM series because the steel quality significantly contributes to a sharp cutting experience. This steel offers excellent cutting performance, exceptional hardness and good corrosion resistance. During the hardening process, the blade is hardened under protective gas at 1,100 °C. The blades are then ice tempered down to -197° C to ensure the necessary flexibility and resilience of the knives and to optimise the material structure. This results in an optimal hardness of 58 HRC. The knives are therefore extremely sharp and ready for use in kitchens and on barbecues around the world.

The VIVUM series includes a basic range for your adventures:

Paring Knife
The handy one – The paring knife is small, versatile and sharp. This makes it ideal for peeling, small cutting tasks and garnishing.

Santoku, Kullenschliff
The Asian classic – The Santoku with a Kullenschliff is suitable for cutting meat, fruit and vegetables. It is characterised by a slender blade with a V-shaped cutting edge. The Kullenschliff creates air cushions that reduce food sticking to the blade.

Chef’s Knife
The must-have in every kitchen – The chef’s knife is suitable for cutting and chopping meat and fish. The knife is also ideal for cutting fruit and vegetables and is therefore an all-rounder in the kitchen. The curved cutting edge makes rocking cuts easier.

Utility Knife
The all-rounder – The utility knife with a serrated edge is suitable for all food with a hard crust or skin. The sharp serrated edge ensures a clean and even cut.

Bread Knife
The professional for bread – The bread knife with a serrated edge is predestined for all hard and soft types of bread and enables a clean and even cut. The bread knife is also perfect for fruit and vegetables with hard skins.

The barbecue expert – The “ASADOR” BBQ knife is ideal for cutting larger pieces of meat and fish and also perfect as a “brisket knife” for BBQ area. The long, curved blade enables a drawn cut without needing to take break.