”Mikoyanovskiy“ Meat Plant Presented its Products in Uzbekistan

According to the press service of “Mikoyanovskiy” meat plant, in October, the company’s representatives took part in the International Business Mission of Moscow companies from the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan.
The three-day event organized by the Export, Industry and Investment Support Centre of the specialized department of Moscow, was held from 16 to 18 October in Tashkent. The Business Mission included leaders and experts of six large production companies.
The business program was aimed at the search for reliable partners for Moscow manufacturers of FMCG products in Uzbekistan and promoting Moscow brands in the market of this country from Central Asia.
“Mikoyan” sausages are already being sold in Tashkent, Samarkand and Buhara. They are highly valued by the retail chains and consumers. The visitors of the meat plant’s exposition organized during the Business Mission left positive feedback about the quality of the products which are already known abroad. The participants also held В2В meetings and face-to-face negotiations in order to expand their business contacts.
Source: meatinfo.ru