New Handtmann Inotec Industrial Grinder for Frozen Blocks and Fresh Raw Materials

Handtmann Inotec now offers the latest generation of grinder technology for the production of meat products and pet food with the IW series. Typical applications in the area of meat and sausage products or meat analogues are salami, minced meat, cooked sausage and fine sausage meat products. Pet food applications include wet food, sticks, bites and chunks in gravy. The three available models have been designed for medium-scale to industrial-scale food production with an output of up to nine metric tons per hour in continuous operation. Both frozen blocks down to -20 °C and fresh raw materials are processed reliably and gently. Thanks to the high flexibility of the IW grinder technology, both deep-frozen and fresh material can be chopped without having to change blades or hole plates. This is enabled by the ingenious combination of conveyor screw and feed screw as well as the special universal cutting set achieving both a high throughput and a perfect product appearance. With a 250 mm diameter hole plate, the IW 250 grinds up to 5,200 kg of frozen raw material per hour to 8 mm grain size and up to 6,100 kg/h of fresh meat. The IW 300 and IW 400 models grind up to 7,200 kg/h or up to 8,000 kg/h of frozen material with the corresponding hole plate diameters of 300 mm and 400 mm. For special applications, a wide range of blades and final hole plates are available.

At a hopper volume of 550 or 670 litres, the IW series grinders have a generously dimensioned product reserve and can be fed by means of automated belt feed or lifting and tilting device. They grind the fed raw materials to final grain sizes of 3 to 30 mm (IW 300/IW 400: 8 to 30 mm) onto conveyor belts, buffer hoppers, box systems or cutter trolleys positioned underneath the outlet. Long service lives thanks to durable, high-quality machine components ensure low maintenance costs even in continuous industrial operation. The new IW series grinders can be linked into the line control and safety circuitry as an integral part of automated processing lines. A hygienic, easy-to-clean design and the construction of all product-handling machine parts in stainless steel or food-grade plastic ensure a hygienic production process.Overall, a continuous, reproducible process is guaranteed thanks to consistent feed capacity and digital process monitoring.