“Miratorg” Begins Shipping Products to the Russian Far East

Miratorg sent its first train to the Russian Far East. 24 containers of meat products will reach the end customers in February 2023.

In late 2022, Miratorg launched its new logistics centre. The main know-how of the centre is the cooperation between the Russian Railways and the international railway company “Dalreftrans”. Due to these agreements, Miratorg’s products are shipped in containers from its warehouse directly to the railway station of Bryansk city. Then they travel by special refrigerator cars to the Russian Far East, from where they will be exported to other countries. The company noted that because of the direct railway route, the products reach the customers in a very short time.

The first Miratorg’s batch included 600 tonnes of meat, however, in 2023, the company plans to at least double the supplies. Miratorg ships primarily marble beef and poultry with organic certificate. This meat is highly demanded by the hospitality segment and meat processors. Miratorg further adapts the quality of meat products to the requirements and requests of various importing countries in order to maintain the high demand.

Miratorg emphasizes that the logistics development has a long term effect on the production capacity of the entire holding company. If the logistics provides distribution points to which they can quickly ship fresh products, then the company may also develop farms and processing plants in order to increase its export volumes.

Source: sfera.fm