The Chicken Production Volumes in Primorsky region are Rapidly Growing

By 35% more than last year. The chicken production volumes in Primorsky region are rapidly growing. Most of 15,000 tonnes of meat is produced by the agricultural companies. The leading companies are “Ussuriyskaya Poultry Plant” and “Agroptitsa” in Artyom city. The volumes don’t just grow by themselves. Over the last year, “Agroptitsa” renewed its equipment and expanded its product range. For example, they are processing 4,000 chicken breasts per hour now.

Anastasia Tsybiakova, Chief Quality Officer of “Agroptitsa” explained: “When we expanded our product range and increased our production capacity, it led to the increase in the number of job opportunities. This is definitely a good thing for the development of our city.”

They hire not only trained professionals but also train young people in practice: technologists, masters. These companies are strongly supported by the region, and therefore they have the opportunity to continue with their further development. Before the New Year the demand for chicken meat is consistently high, especially because it is delivered chilled to the consumers. The process from the beginning of the production to the counter takes about 12-13 hours. The end results are influenced by a whole range of factors. For example, the more investments the region makes in roads, the fresher chicken the citizens of Primorsky region have on their dinner tables. The delivery is much faster and easier.

Andrey Demin, Deputy Director of the poultry processing plant, says: “I would like to note that the logistics conditions in the region have improved significantly recently. Roads are built, construction communications are developing, and so on. This definitely contributes to the development of our production.”

Our own regional high quality products in large amounts – this is what food safety means. We will manage without import. The products from Primorsky region are tastier and fresher than any other Russian or foreign products. Next year “Agroptitsa” promises to increase their production volumes by another 20%.