Multisorb Technologies is pleased to announce its Buffalo, New York, USA facility has received Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000 certification for the design, development, manufacture and distribution of sorbents to the food and beverage industries. The certification demonstrates Multisorb’s commitment to food safety and ability to manufacture products that will not cause harm to the food or consumers as defined by FSSC 22000. This certification is increasingly required by food processors to assure food safety in the supply chain. Multisorb is the leading company in its industry to achieve this certification. 

FSSC 22000 was developed in response to the food industry’s need for an independent ISO-based food safety certification. It provides a framework for companies to effectively manage their food safety responsibilities and is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). As a management system certification, FSSC 22000 requires longer and in-depth audits that also include a strong focus on management commitment, effectiveness and continuous improvement. 

Multisorb’s certification covers an extensive line of oxygen absorbers produced at its Buffalo, New York facility. FreshPax® oxygen absorbing packets and strips are one example of products manufactured at the site. These oxygen absorbers are designed to help protect packaged foods and other products against spoilage, mold growth, color change, rancidity, loss of nutritive values, and loss of quality. 

The certification validates that the sorbent production areas for FreshPax and Multisorb’s other oxygen absorber product lines produce food safe products and all reasonable hazards have been assessed and are under control. For processors, retailers and consumers, the certification validates that Multisorb’s active packaging solutions provide the highest level of food safety in the industry for use in their food products. 