New NOCK Skinner for Plaice Fillets

At the Seafood Processing Global 2017 in Brussels the German producer NOCK showed a new automatic skinner for plaice and other flat fish: the NOCK Skinex SBS 416. 

By means of an easy-to-change blade, it skins both upper and lower fillets and at the same time removes optionally the fin fringes by means of two trimming rollers. Equipped with an infeed conveyor and a discharge conveyor for an automatic processing, this machine offers a high capacity together with exemplary work safety. The spring-suspended blade holder and a special pressure unit ensure a perfect skinning next to treating the product with perfect care. An integrated water-spraying unit allows the reliable continuous operation at low water consumption. 

As a special advantage the producer points out that the conveyors, the pressure unit and the blade holder can be demounted for cleaning very fast, easily and without tools.