Production Line for Minced Meat

The worldwide demand for automatic production lines for minced meat is rising considerably. The main advantages are the reduction of production costs, better standardization, easier traceability and an overall increased product quality.

A typical production line for minced meat consists of an angle grinder for frozen meat blocks and fresh meat followed by a mixer-grinder for mixing and the final grinding step. Both machines are mechanically connected with a conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt or the mixer-grinder can be equipped with a NIR analysis system, which transmits the fat content to the control system. The production management system determines automatically what materials have to be added to reach the desired product composition.

All components are electrically integrated into a central control panel, which allows the management of the entire production line. The production data are recorded, which ensures 100% traceability.

Each production line can be fitted with a number of additional components to meet the specific requirements. Examples are a metal detector on the conveyor belt to the grinder, or the automatic addition of fat and lean meat into a mixer from bunkers.

LASKA production lines combine power and performance intelligently. They reduce operating costs while maintaining highest product quality. Processing of raw materials is standardized and the traceability is ensured. Depending on the specific requirements we develop tailor-made solutions that generate competitive advantages for our customers.