SEALPAC at Anuga FoodTec 2018: All-in-one Traysealers and Thermoformers, Sustainable Packaging Systems, High-Value Convenience Solutions

At Anuga FoodTec 2018, the leading and impulse-generating exhibition for the global food industry, SEALPAC will focus on innovations around efficient and sustainable packaging processes and materials. The leading manufacturer of tray-sealing and thermoforming technology has almost doubled its stand surface to be able to present its full range of packaging equipment and solutions to the expert audience. Visitors to the stand will find state-of-the-art packaging lines in live operation, efficient solutions for the industry’s predominant trend towards skin packaging, as well as packaging innovations from around the world, especially for the growing convenience segment.

FlatSkin® – featured on the all-in-one SEALPAC A7 traysealer
Maximum precision, flexibility and efficiency is demonstrated with the fully automated, servo-driven, all-in-one SEALPAC A7 traysealer. This particularly flexible packaging machine is suitable for a wide product range and efficiently handles all types of sealable materials whilst achieving outputs of up to 100 packs per minute (depending on the application). SEALPAC’s unique tooling quick exchange system with patented tooling trolley allows the operator to switch between different packaging systems, such as MAP, TraySkin® or EasyLid®, with minimum downtime. At Anuga FoodTec, SEALPAC will run its brand-new FlatSkin® solution on the A7 traysealer, which will be placed in line with a SEALPAC fully automated denester.

The FlatSkin® packaging system combines an attractive product presentation with extended shelf life and a particularly sustainable use of packaging materials (up to 75% less plastic). A highly transparent barrier skin film fixates the product directly onto its flat cardboard carrier, which has been coated with a polymeric protective layer. After taking out the product, the thin polymeric layer is easily removed from the cardboard carrier to allow for separate disposal. As such, FlatSkin® combines the popular skin packaging process, which provides extended shelf life and attractive product presentation, with increased sustainability. The system is available on all of SEALPAC’s A-series traysealers with FlatSkin® preparation.

EasyLid® – sealing and lidding in one single step
SEALPAC also meets the industry’s demand for more sustainable packaging solutions with its EasyLid® concept. This packaging system, developed in close cooperation with Naber Plastics, provides a hermetic seal and full lid function in just one sealing process. It requires a special and patented tray produced from mono PP materials. Next to the conventional sealing edge, the EasyLid® tray has an additional ring that is hermetically sealed with the top film by means of SEALPAC’s unique sealing technology. Upon opening the tray, a lid is automatically created that allows for multiple reclosing.

The revolutionary EasyLid® system is demonstrated on a SEALPAC A5 traysealer with SEALPAC AS-LS1200 servo linear denester and Leonhardt filling system. EasyLid® is suitable for modified atmosphere packaging, as well as for hot and cold filling, which makes it the optimal solution for various market segments – from antipasti, meat spreads, delicacies, salads and snacks, up to confectionery and many other products.

ThermoSkin® – fits like a second skin for optimal appearance
In Cologne, SEALPAC will highlight its ThermoSkin® packaging solution on a compact and cost-efficient PRO14 thermoformer with auxiliary equipment from Converging Solutions and Ravenwood. The ThermoSkin® vacuum packaging system uses a special film that fits the contours of the product like a second skin, therefore creating an attractive 3D effect that will enhance the product’s appearance at retail. Furthermore, due to the deep vacuum, the ThermoSkin® system is able to extend the shelf life of, for example, fresh meat and poultry.

SEALPAC’s PRO14 thermoformer is now capable of handling even more applications: from flexible film vacuum packaging, rigid film modified atmosphere packaging, shrink packaging (ShrinkStyle®), up to skin packaging (ThermoSkin®). SEALPAC’s optional quick exchange system from the side allows for easy product changes with minimum downtime. By using SEALPAC’s Rapid Air Forming technology, often copied but never equalled, attractive packs can be formed up to 140 mm in depth. This forming technology provides higher outputs due to shorter vacuum and ventilation times, as well as the possibility to use up to 10% thinner materials.

Walk the road to retail – packaging inspirations and trends
In addition to its high-tech packaging lines, SEALPAC will provide a unique overview of packaged products from around the world in its large supermarket section, all off which have been produced on SEALPAC traysealers or thermoformers. Another highlight at the stand will be the live cooking area, where our chef will demonstrate several packaging solutions that may shape the future of the ready meals segment.

SEALPAC at Anuga FoodTec 2018: hall 9, stand C30/E39.