Further developments ST840 pirzola machine
After the development of the ST840, further innovation was invested in this current model as more possibilities with the machine were close by. Changing some minor things on the initial design, the machine is now easily converted to a de-boning machine as guides can now easily be set and removed to create this possibility. Therefore, the machine can be easily converted into a de-boning machine for anatomical cut thighs, drums and prime wings.

Next to the actual purpose of making pirzola, partially de-boned thigh, from anatomical cut thighs, by rethinking the system, more possibilities were added. Here, different spacers can be used to determine how much you want to retract the meat on the bone. The major advantage that was created with this possibility, is that anatomical cut prime wings can now be turned into a so-called ”tulip” where the meat is pushed down the bone and the bone remains undamaged. This also means, that drums can be transformed into this similar product.

More flexibility on the ST850 turkey de-boner
Due to the need of several customers, the ST850 was adjusted to give more flexibility towards the product. This de-boning machine for anatomical cut thighs, drums and prime wings from male or female birds (left or right side), is able to de-bone all the above named parts with a minimum of adjustment with a capacity of 35 pieces per minute. Keeping in mind, that a very large weight range can be de-boned on the same setting, the demand came to de-bone thighs and drums at the same time. Therefore, the pistons are now as standard implemented in the machine where the possibility of processing these thighs and drums from certain sizes on the same general setting is possible. However that each unit will be designated for its specific part, the time that can be saved in production flow is significant.

ST700, a new era skinners begins here
What do you do with experience? You constantly improve, innovate and look for even better solutions. This is exactly what STEEN did when they developed the ST700-series: ST700T table skinner and ST700V automatic skinning machine. The original successful technique was kept and improved which created more possibilities, but the concept of the machine was innovated to be ahead of the current health and hygiene regulations.

In practice, both the ST700T and ST700V have knives which can be set and locked at different cutting heights so more fish can be processed on the same machine and to make deep skinning possible. The advantage of the technique used, is that the knife can also be taken out of the machine for better cleaning and that it can be replaced by another knife type.

Next to that, the machines are dismountable so the known hard to reach and thus hard to clean areas are exposed for easier and more thorough cleaning. With the ST700T, the back plate and knife can be removed, while the infeed plate opens up. From the ST700V, the top unit, the knife and the plastic conveyor belts can be removed from the machine and the infeed belt and outfeed belts can be folded open. The advantage that no tools are needed for the above contributes to the innovative concept of the series. Needless to say, STEEN has also developed a mobile support for these machines to place all the components on to ensure a safe and clean work environment and to give easy access for thorough cleaning.

On top of these general advantages, there are options available to make the use easier and faster. For the ST700T for instance, you can invest in an outfeed plate, table, water collector and skin separator, additional blade and more. For ST 700V, you can choose between a long and short in- and outfeed belt, infeed table and a speed regulator to optimize your production.

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