Founded in 1843, Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG is the world’s leading manufacturer of top quality, high-performance Cutters, Grinders, Mixers, Emulsifiers and entire Production Lines. Seydelmann experts are looking forward to welcoming visitors at the Seydelmann AnugaFoodtec stand F010, E010, F018 and F019 in hall 6.1, where among a great variety of machinery the following machines will be exhibited:

The extremely fast speed of a total of up to 8 knives of the Seydelmann Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter K 604 AC-8 produces finest emulsions. The vacuum function further increases the quality of the emulsion and extends its shelf-life due to the exclusion of air oxygen. 

The Universal Grinder AU 200 U processes fresh materials and frozen blocks down to -25°C (-13 °F) without changing the working worm or cutting set. Users can decide on a very short term whether to use fresh or frozen material and need only one machine. 

The Mixer-Grinder MRV 2500 has a hopper content of 2500 l and was designed for processing large throughputs of burgers, other minced meat products, dry sausage and much more. The original long feeding worm, positioned at the hopper bottom, parallel to and above the working worm, guarantees fast emptying through the grinder outlet. 

Seydelmann Konti-Kutters are Emulsifiers with a unique cutting technique that completely avoids friction-induced contamination of the final product with metal particles. 


The Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter K 604 AC-8 has a vacuum and a cooking function. They extract the highest amounts of protein and taste carriers, significantly improving the bite, looks and taste of the final product. 

The Mixer-Grinder MRV 2500 processes large quantities of material and is the ideal machine for an large-scale production of burgers, ground meat products, dry sausages and more. 

The Universal Grinder AU 200 U effortlessly reduces material of different consistencies without changing the working worm or cutting set and significantly helps increase production efficiency. 

The Emulsifier KK 250 AC-6 guarantees the production of finest emulsions while, at the same time, completely avoiding product contamination with metal particles.

Seydelmann machines can be integrated into Production Lines for a continuous and automated food manufacture. Precisely customized automation solutions are available. The level of automation and points of intersection are determined individually. Each machine can be operated manually and individually or the entire production line can be controlled by one person from a central control desk. 

Seydelmann machines are extremely robust and long-lived. Furthermore, they are built according to highest hygienic and security standards and, thus, extremely safe and easy to use. 

During the show Seydelmann experts will provide skillful consulting to visitors and help them choose the Seydelmann machines best suited for their individual needs.