The Federal Minister of Economy, Mr. Sigmar Gabriel, visited a “Hidden Champion” in Lübeck – the company BAADER – on 25.06.2015.

BAADER belongs to the “Hidden Champions”, the company is by far the leading supplier of fish processing plants and holds a world market share of 80%.

Since 1919 the family owned company has positioned itself world wide as a supplier of machinery and plants in the food industry. Subsidiaries, distributors, agents and service stations are located at more than 70 locations worldwide.

With BAADER two typical key success factors of Hidden Champions can be recognized impressively. Firstly focusing on one market segment, here the food industry, and secondly the growth through globalization. In the course of focusing on one market segment BAADER has partitioned the food industry market even further. One of the main pillars is the fish processing industry, here BAADER is the “niche king no. 1”. Meanwhile BAADER also belongs to the international top sellers in the poultry industry.




Besides fish, meat, fruit / vegetable and unpacking BAADER also invests in the program of poultry processing machinery and plants and thereby into a promising market.

After a company tour through the BAADER museum and the production area Mr. Gabriel could be convinced by the performance ability of a herring processing line, which can process up to 400 fish/min. In between there was always time for personal talks with the employees.

After the company tour Sigmar Gabriel was impressed by the conversations with the employees as well as the company which already exists since 95 years and has grown continually and perpetuates to do so: “The company BAADER is a good example why special machine engineering “Made in Germany” enjoys an excellent reputation – not only in Germany but also worldwide. It is obvious that for a sustainable quality management specialized personnel and good training concepts on site are indispensable. Today´s apprentices are the specialists of tomorrow – if they are missing in the dual vocational training, they will be missed later in the companies. The company has recognized this situation and I welcome the commitment to the special industrial training. This is accepted responsibility.”

Another core theme for the Federal Minister and the company BAADER is the subject digitization in the food industry. An example for the successful implementation of the first Industry 4.0 Projects Mr. Gabriel experienced with the BAADER process chain: With BAADER the customer receives from the receipt of the goods through the dispatch of the products an unbroken traceability and product control through inter-machine-communication, cross-platform visualization and reporting. In this manner the company conduces to the processing industry, with a significant contribution to the optimization of food hygiene, processing speed, yield increase and freshness. With this the company BAADER also approaches the world´s priority themes of food.