Sonae MC Becomes the First Retailer to Launch the GGN Label in the Fruits and Vegetables Category

Sonae MC is Portugal’s retail food market leader. With a history of more than 35 years of continuous growth, the brand holds a distinctive position in several business areas, providing a broad range of high-quality products throughout the Portuguese and Spanish territories. Consistently driven by innovation and guided by a mission to deliver more to their customers, Sonae MCis the first brand to debut the new, consumer-facing GGN label to its supermarket shelves within the fruits and vegetables category. Launching this fall across 40 of their local Continente stores, the GGN label will first focus on grapes from valued producer partner Vale de Rosa. Committed to a strategic growth plan, Sonae MC has pledged the gradual adoption of the label for other produce in the coming months.  

The GGN label and Sonae MC 

The GGN label was introduced to the market in spring 2021 as a cross-category mark based on a set of certification standards from GLOBALG.A.P. It stands for certified, responsible farming and transparency, offering consumers consistent, relevant assurances and orientation throughout their purchase journey. Sonae MC is equally committed to this objective and has done its part by creating a “virtuous circle: from the farm to our stores, we guarantee safety, healthy and sustainable fresh food.” Such a focus makes adopting the GGN label a smart and holistic choice for shoppers.  

Sonae MC backs its promise to customers via the 1998 establishment of the Continente Producers’ Club (CPC), a support structure that brings together Portuguese agriculture and food retail to promote national products according to high quality and safety standards. CPC currently has 256 members, and 80% of its fruit and vegetable producers hold GLOBALG.A.P. certification, with the remaining 20% obligated to secure certification within three years of joining.  

“It is a great source of pride in all the hard work our producers have done to get us to this point where we can display the GGN label on our products in-store. It has been a long and exciting journey for all of us, with the label representing an important element of our farm-to-fork strategy and our ongoing commitment to transparency and responsible sourcing practices.” 
Ondina Afonso – Chair of Continente Producers’ Club – SONAE MC 

Look for the GGN label at Sonae MC and leading retailers around the world.