At IFFA 2016, Maria Soell High Technology Films, D-Nidda, presents a new type of shrink films for thermoforming machines: EichelsdorferShrinkShape that combines deep draw technology and shrink film.

The film is ideal in view of materials savings, performance and sustainability within the packaging process. Its top web and bottom web provide extremely high seal strength and a skin-tight wrap around the food to be protected: meat, cold cuts, poultry, and cheese. The food is wrapped by machine, meeting maximum hygiene requirements and ensuring a considerably extended shelf life. EichelsdorferShrinkShape promotes your sales thanks to its high transparency and minimum seal contamination and affords a clear view of your appetising products. The film can be printed in up to eight colours.

The following features will convince you of EichelsdorferShrinkShape:

  • Easily adjustable shrink properties of the top web and effective deep-draw of the bottom web
  • Reduction of the materials used in favour of a sustainable production process
  • Glossy surface and high transparency
  • Stability thanks to high puncture resistance and seal strength
  • High promotional value of the top web, which can be coloured or printed according to your wishes.