Two Caesars for LASKA – Sales app and Manifest

On 30 September, the Caesar Marketing Award was awarded in Linz. Exactly 100 agencies had submitted 330 projects in 13 categories in advance. The two LASKA entries submitted for the competition by their advertising agency Fredmansky – the most successful participant, by the way – immediately bagged two prizes.

Laska knew that they had taken great strides in the last two years in the area of communication, which in the food processing industry is viewed as revolutionary. But obviously, their idea and implementations also had appeal beyond that. Laska is pleased to have received not one but two Caesar advertising awards together with their advertising agency Fredmansky for implementing two big LASKA projects.

A silver Caesar for LASKA manifest
The 140th birthday was not only a visible sign for lasting success. As a family business in the fifth generation Laska wanted to reflect on the outside what characterises them inside: the LASKA-DNA. Laska, therefore, asked artists from their home region of Upper Austria to interpret the important characteristics of curiosity, courage, determination, dedication and obsession for them. An award-winning chef, a photographer, a philosopher and a filmmaker. From this a manifest was created which cannot just be perceived with the eyes, but which should also literally demonstrate what LASKA stands for: Food processing in Perfection. Laska gave this manifest the adequate body in high-quality book form.

Therefore Laska were especially pleased to receive the silver Caesar in the print category to implement this unusual idea.

A further award for digital brand experience and sales app
To not only modernise the B2B sales process but also to completely turn it around in tune with the changing working conditions of the last few years, Laska commissioned Fredmansky to completely rethink the communication with partners and clients. The result is a sharper brand website that makes LASKA more tangible as a brand. It is complimented with a sales application that enables their partners worldwide to generate individual presentation and sales documents. And this is in real-time and in six languages. Behind this is a content system that is fed from a central product database. The maintenance of content, therefore, has maximum efficiency. This is not technologically progressive but also reflects the spirit of the company. It is also something new in a conservative industry and underlines LASKA’s cutting-edge role beyond the product dimension.

The reward of the Caesar jury: Bronze in the digital (Innovations) category.