Ultra-Fine Grinding in the Meat Processing Sector with Handtmann Inotec

Ultra-fine grinding, emulsifying and homogenising are the particular strength of the variable and high-performance Handtmann Inotec grinding technology. A vast variety of pre-products, from fluid to viscous products with firm, viscous or fibrous contents, are powerfully fine-ground, homogenised and emulsified. Classic applications include boiled and cooked sausage, cold cuts, no-meat cooked sausage alternatives, curing brine meat-in-meat preparation, rind/skin emulsions, and last but not least pet food, such as chunks in gravy, snack sticks and wet food. The modular 1- to 5-step cutting system with precise approach of the cutting position and automatic readjustment or the use of an alternative SpeedSpin cutting system to optimise granularity and texture facilitate perfect adaptation to the desired product. In combination with the original Handtmann Inotec cutting tools, perfect results and long service lives with minimum wear are achieved. The hole plates are available in special low-rust steel, tool steel or advanced quality with specially hardened alloy to cover wide range of applications. The process is managed via the integrated control system, allowing parametrisation, monitoring and control of the grinding process as well as monitoring cutting tool positions, temperature curve, level of wear and the power consumption. Process data can be called up and analysed via remote data retrieval.

Handtmann Inotec emulsifier
Handtmann Inotec emulsifier


The modular Handtmann Inotec emulsifier model series are easily adapted to the needs of medium-scale and industrial producers: variable hopper sizes, inline fine grinders and vacuum fine grinders in the performance range of 3 to 15 metric tonnes per hour can be configured. Depending on the product and the output required, cutting system, hole plate and blade head variants as well as further options such as frequency converter and temperature control can be individually configured. Also available are customised variants for special applications. This includes, for example, models with round hoppers and feed screw for viscous and highly viscous products. Glutinous and non-flowing products can be fed into the cutting system from machines with round hoppers either using the integrated active feed support or a combination of an inline fine grinder and feed pump. The vacuum grinders have been optimised for being integrated into overall lines with a focus on producing mono-products. Emulsifying under process vacuum with integrated sausage meat evacuation is suitable for particularly compact and colour-stable products with extended shelf life. All fine grinder models can in principle be used as stand-alone machines or integrated into existing production chains involving bowl cutters or horizontal mixers.

Ground application variety from sausage products to pet food