Russia’s largest exhibition of equipment, machinery and ingredients for the food processing industry “Agroprodmash” is opening its doors for thousands of specialists from the food industry for the 18th time. The exhibition organized by ZAO “Expocentre” with the assistance of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, will be held between the 7th  and the 11th of October 2013 . The exhibition is supported by the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow.

“Agroprodmash” is Russia’s largest project in the field of high technology for the food industry, which represents a wide range of equipment and technologies for food processing, including not only processing itself but also transportation, storage of food products, packaging, and manufacturing of ingredients.

The exhibition has received the recognition of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF).

According to Nationwide Rankings, approved by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and RUEF, the “Agroprodmash” exhibition is recognized as “the best exhibition of Russia in 2011—2012” in all categories of “Food industry: equipment and ingredients” classification.

This year the exhibition will bring together about 700 companies – foreign industry leaders as well as leading Russian companies.

Exhibition space is going to be about 23,000 m². There will be presented companies from 35 countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, Taiwan (China), Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden. For the first time the exhibition will be partaken by companies from New Zealand.

Germany, Denmark, Spain, China and France will show their national expositions.

The most ambitious stand (2,5000 m² ) is organized by Germany with the support of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). (Operator – German firm IFWexpo, the partner of ZAO “Expocentre”). The German exhibition this year will be represented by more than 40 companies. Along with market leaders such as Baader, Poly-clip, Weber Maschinenbau, Tipper Tie, Alltex, Begarat and others, the collective exposition will feature exhibitors from Russia and other countries, including those who are taking part in the exhibition for the first time. The thematic focus of the exposition is quite diverse: solutions for meat and dairy industries, confectionery and bakery, processing of fruits and vegetables, beverage production etc.

The exhibition premiere in 2013 will be the National Exposition of Denmark. France also returned to the exhibition after a year’s break with her national exposition, the same did Spain. The Spanish national exposition will be largely devoted to processing equipment for vegetables and fruits. The Chinese representation also increased significantly compared to previous years.

National pavilions will demonstrate diversified expositions with producers of equipment for different areas of the food and agricultural sector.

The exhibition will present 16 theme salons. One of the key features of the exhibition this year will be increased number of high-tech solutions for food production.

The Salon of Equipment for processing meat, poultry, fish and seafood dominates the exhibition. More than 170 leading companies and businesses will present on “Agroprodmash 2013” their products, ideas and innovations. The range of equipment covers all areas of the production of meat and meat products from slaughter to packaging of finished products.

The Salon of Ingredients, additives and spices is one of the fastest growing ones. In 2013 more than 60 firms – market leaders – will participate in it, while companies from Russia, Germany, China and the United States have significantly increased their presence at the show this year. Most firms in this salon are companies demonstrating ingredients for meat processing.

The Salon of Confectionery and bakery equipment will get bigger by 15 % compared to last year; the exposition will represented by more than 65 participants from 12 countries.

More than 100 companies from 19 countries are taking part in the Salon of Packaging solutions for the food industry.

The “Milk and Cheese” Salon has grown by 10% compared to last year and will feature more than 70 companies from 10 countries of the world.

The Salon of Equipment for the production and processing of fruits and vegetables has become bigger by 20 %. Equipment for processing of fruits and vegetables will be shown by the major manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Russia.

The Salon of Sanitation and Hygiene of Food Production will present innovations in the field of hygiene and sanitation developed by companies from Russia, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.