NATUROXI®: Innovative Functional Solution Based on Vegetable Extracts Containing Active Principles with Antioxidant Action


NATUROXI® is an innovative functional solution based on vegetable extracts rich in active ingredients such as EPCG, OPC, catechins, epicatechin and gallic acid with high antioxidant power – 20 times more than ascorbic acid and 50 times more than the Vitamin E – with a lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidant action.




Very effective and rich in vegetable extracts that counteract oxidative damage caused by free radicals, NATUROXI® is ideal in applications such as:

  • processed meat products in general
  • fermented products
  • emulsified products
  • cooked hams and shoulders
  • fresh sausages
  • delicatessen products
  • processed chicken and turkey products
  • gastronomy and ready meals.

In products treated with NATUROXI®, the problems of oxidation are completely eliminated: NATUROXI® slows and prevents oxidation, while also allowing the possible complete substitution of traditional antioxidants. NATUROXI® is an innovative and natural solution, thanks to which it also offers the following:

  • clean label (no E numbers)
  • longer shelf life
  • valid aid in slowing growth of the microbial load
  • antioxidant strengthening in synergy with traditional antioxidants.

Ideal in many gastronomic specialties such as filled pasta, pancakes, tortelli, lasagna, prepared foods with cream, hamburgers, breaded foods, gravies, sauces and pesto, NATUROXI® is the excellent antioxidant solution that does not alter the characteristic flavours.

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