Pork production will increase by 11.3% in Grodno region in 2016. It has been announced to BelTA correspondent from Agriculture and Food Committee of Grodno Executive Committee. The growth of pork production will be achieved through the facilities put into operation in 2015 and new complexes. For example, a breeding farm for multiplying 27 thousand heads of hybrid piglets opened in the agricultural production co-operative named Chernyakhovsky in Karelichy area last October. The pig farm Luki – Agro was restored and fully equipped in the same area in 2015. At the same time a pig farm with capacity of 24 thousand heads was built in Volkovysk district for a year.

After reconstruction, it is scheduled the openning of a large complex for fattening pigs in the agricultural production co-operative Mayak – Zapole in  Karelichy district in 2016. 22 billion credit funds have been sent to the construction site.

The implementation of a major private project in the livestock industry will also be continued in the current year. In the Slonim area (Grodno gubernia), FLLC Beldan is building a complex for the production of Danish pork bacon for 6 thousand tonnes of meat in live weight per year. The investment is estimated at 50 billion. This construction site will be put into operation stage by stage.

The number of pigs at pig- breeding complexes in the area towards the end of the year 2016 should increase by 40 thousand heads and it should be about 670 thousand heads on 1st January 2017. Tasks have been given to increase the average daily weight gain.

The Regional Executive Committee considers that the conducted in the previous years re- equipment and modernization of livestock industry will have an impact on the development of other areas including an increase in milk production by 3.5%, and beef production by 2.8%. It is planned to increase the production of poultry meat and other animal products. In general, the growth of livestock production in Grodno region for the year 2016 is estimated at the level of 3.9% for the year 2015.

Source: BELTA