Minister of Agriculture of Serbia Snezana Bogosavlevich – Boskovic said in an interview with Radio-Television Serbia that Serbia had a great potential for the production and supply of agricultural products (especially meat) to the Russian market.

Last year, Serbia doubled the supply of agricultural products to the Russian market. However, the increased amount of Serbian products does not guarantee their quality.

“Now we have 51 authorized permissions to supply meat and dairy products,” said the Minister. According to her, there are possibilities for much larger volumes than those achieved. Now, her ministry in collaboration with local partners is looking for investment opportunities in the agricultural sector of Serbia. 

The problem of Serbian pork supply to Russia is the fact that export goes through the Montenegrin port of Bar, and thus, the transit is delayed up to 45—60 days.

Deliveries through EU territory are impossible, as in this case there are problems with mandatory vaccination against swine fever. In view of the fact that such diseases have not been registered in Serbia since 2010, Russian Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance promises to involve Russian lawyers in the solution of the addressed issue. 