Bjorn Weyts, Marketing Manager Food and Specialty Products – TOMRA Sorting NV about QVision System


TOMRA Sorting has recently presented its QVision system. 

— Would you describe its advantages over other competitive products on the market? 

— What kind of unique features does the QVision system hold, and how do they comply with the latest market trends?

  • Тhe unique transflection technology; penetrates the meat down to 2 cm; according this we will measure molecules directly, means the special wavelength of light hit the different molecules inside the meat and bring them to “swing”, every molecule swings differently in its core information, ie. fat has a different swing than Lean, Water, Protein as well.

  • So we have direct, real time information of the product. Having this core information (Fat etc.) we are able to analyze as well Collagen and “BEFFE”  (connective tissue).

  • We have as only supplier the Full belt scanning, means we scan all bandwidth (500mm), which allows to scan 100% of product flow; 100 scans per second over the belt width assures high accuracy in analyzing. In addition we control the product flow with an attached continuous weighting system, this leads to perfect result in batch control for the processor.

  • Special Spectralanalyzer in the detector area with high capacity detection, it collects around 25000 pixels of product information per second. Trough that “Intelligent Vision” assures that only product data is collected and not misleading information like from the transportation belt.

  • Using our outstanding technology we can work on fresh and frozen product without any disturbing of reflecting ice crystals. All these and some more details lead to huge acceptance in the market. QVision brings real time data to the process and generating trough its precision Valuable data to the processor. Higher yield, extended capacities, lean meat savings and an overall Quality control functions are leading to success in that market.