Meat processors nowadays often store large amounts of minced meat in E2 boxes: either to have fat or lean meat at hand as corrective material, or to be able to counterbalance peaks of demand.

Today this process is done by hand: meat from a grinder or soft separator is collected in a trolley or big box, and is transferred manually into E2 boxes. LASKA has developed a fully automated machine, which is simplifying this process substantially.

Meat exiting a grinder, separator or mixing machine is transferred into the machine’s feed hopper via a conveyor belt. Afterward it is adjusted to the inner dimensions of an E2 box (565 x 365 mm), then blocks with a predefined height (120 to 195 mm) are cut off, and these are delivered into the E2 box below the machine.

In combination with a conveyor system, this filling process can be fully automated: when an empty box is below the filling station, a block is released into the box and the full box is moved on. The next empty box is automatically placed under the machine and the filling process starts again. The conveyor belt feeding the hopper is also connected to the automation system and is delivering the right amount of meat into the filling station.

The advantages of this patented filling station are clearly visible: the filling of boxes is much faster, less human resources are required and no material can miss the box. Especially companies which use production lines can increase their overall efficiency even more which this filling station. The first machine is already in use and is working to the complete satisfaction of the customer in his processing plant.