Emulsifiers for Continuous and Efficient Production

Industrial meat processors are looking for potential to make the production of sausage meat faster, cheaper and more efficient. Emulsifiers from LASKA are the machines of choice when a high hourly output with a constantly high product quality is desired.

The machines produce stable and fine emulsions while being gentle on the material and keeping entrapped air at a minimum. The key element is the patented electrohydraulic knife adjustment which ensures defined processing parameters for high product quality at a very low wear of the cutting set.

An automatic temperature control offers a new dimension of product quality. The desired final temperature of the emulsion is entered on the large touch screen panel, and an electronically controlled valve ensures that this temperature is automatically achieved throughout the entire process. No other machine parameters are changed, therefore the product quality remains constant.

LASKA offers emulsifiers with 175 mm or 225 mm hole-plates for medium to high production quantities. The cutting sets can be individually configured for the specific production process, there are hole-plates with hole diameters from 0.8―8 mm and cutting knives with 3 or 5 blades available. This makes it possible to assemble the ideal configuration of the cutting set for each application.

The convincing features of the machine are its high throughput, easy handling, and unrivalled product quality. Therefore LASKA emulsifiers enable meat processors worldwide to be successful with continuous and efficient production of sausage meat.