In-line Fat Analysis Designed for Top Hygiene Standards


Unit can be made ready for cleaning within three minutes. The new MeatMaster II makes it easy and quick to maintain high hygiene standards while measuring entire batches of meat for fat content.

The unit can be disassembled for cleaning within three minutes, helping meat producers to get the proven benefits of in-line fat analysis without undue burden on production resources. As shown in this video, it is simple to remove the conveyor belt using a purpose-built rack for holding parts. The MeatMaster unit also has IP69K approval for use in meat production environments.


Improved control of fat

With a capacity of up to 38 tons per hour for analysis of raw meat, the MeatMaster can measure fat content, determine weight and even scan for foreign objects. Typical payback time has been found to be less than a year and case studies show savings of at least around €2500 per day. The savings are made through the more rational use of raw materials with the continuous X-ray test results helping producers to get exactly the right fat/lean mix in their products.


Smaller and smarter

The new MeatMaster II has the same renowned accuracy as its predecessor, the MeatMaster I, but is half the length of the original unit and thereby easier to integrate as an ‘in-line’ analyser in production plants.

The instrument comes with a calibration that only needs to be adjusted to the user’s products and the installation to be completed within 3—4 days. Standard software options include multi-language interfaces and process control software for fully automated control of batches.


Measure it all

X-ray technology gives a 100% scanning of all meat, regardless of the size of the pieces and whether they are fresh or frozen or packed in sealed plastic or cardboard boxes. Typical uses include control of fat content in raw meat trimmings to avoid lean meat giveaway and batch standardization for production of processed meat products.