Private investors from Iran started a construction of a meat production plant with a new waste technology in Semey. The enterprise specialized in deep meat processing is scheduled to be launched in 2017. “However, the plans may change and the work can be adjourned to the end of 2016,” accentuated foreign investors.

As it has been reported at the Governor’s Office of the city Semey, a land plot of 68 hectares in the Ondiris industrial area of the town has been allocated for the construction of these production facilities by the Kazakh-Iranian company. After the establishment of the enterprise, more than 52 thousand tonnes of small ruminants and cattle meat will be processed there. The cost of the project amounts 25 million US dollars or 4 billion 550 million tenge.

“Investment is 100% Iranian. We needed help from the local authorities only in land selection and providing the necessary infrastructure. The project will be linked to the local conditions,” said The General Director of “Agro Star Amir”- Amir Hussein Sherkarchi.

According to him, the new production will be equipped with the most modern equipment and technology of world standards. As a source of raw materials, processors intend to use not only meat production of East Kazakhstan but to conclude long- term contracts for meat supply from Mongolian manufacturers.

In addition, a feedlot for growing 40 thousand heads of small ruminants and 5 thousand heads of cattle will be built within the industrial zone.

Semey administration emphasized that this project has great prospects for the region and for investors. In order to establish closer business relations between Kazakhstan and Iran countries, the mayors of rural areas and the heads of large livestock farms were invited at the ceremony beginning the construction work on the site.

Amir Sherkarchi told the audience that the planned capacity of the meat processing plant will be the slaughtering of 2000 sheep and 400 cattle daily. The annual meat processing capacity will be 52 thousand tonnes. Moreover, the meat processing plant will produce 7,000 tonnes of canned meat and 7,000 tonnes of sausages on Halal technology a year. Advanced methods of packaging meat products in vacuum and controlled atmosphere will be introduced in the plant in order to increase the shelf life and the preservation of consumer qualities of finished product without the use of preservatives. After the release of the meat processing plant at full capacity, it is planned the construction of different plants for the production of pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations and various semi-finished products and food additives.

The construction of this meat processing plant is the first link in the investment plans of “Star Agro Amir”. The Kazakh-Iranian enterprise intends to invest in construction of dairy cluster, oil plant, the development of breeding livestock, grain production, as well as to dispose a large apple orchard in Semey region.

According to the mayor Aybek Karimov, “starting a new meat processing plant will give a great impetus to the development of animal husbandry in Semey region. In addition, the mass slaughter of cattle will provide raw materials for Semipalatinsk leather plant. This means that the region will successfully develop a cluster of deep processing of livestock products.”

“Today, Kazakhstan is one of the countries where favorable conditions are created for the investors. Tax and customs preferences are provided, as well as state grants and investment subsidies,” emphasized an Iranian investor at the ceremony. “We believe that today Kazakhstan is one of the most reliable states in the world for accommodation of  foreign investment.”


Source: www.meatinfo.ru