Hans Jensen Engineeringis launched the new cooling and freezing solution MRT Carton Freezer (Multi Retention Time) at SPG 2015. The tunnel allows fish manufacturers to simultaneously freeze fish with different freeze times and this increases the production capacity and cuts costs for cooling.



At SPG 2015, Hans Jensen Engineering launched the carton freezer that is developed in cooperation with an agent in Chile who has been working in the salmon farming industry for many years.

“The freezer has a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour and enables you to freeze one product for e.g. two hours and another product for five hours. This means that fish manufacturers can make use of all the space available in the tunnel at all times instead of having to stop the production between different products,” explains Olaf Moller, CEO, Hans Jensen Engineering.

“The system is blowing a continuous stream of cold air into the freezer across the products along one side. This reduces the time and the amount of ammonia used to freeze the fish so that the manufacturers can cut costs,” he adds.



Apart from offering cost savings, the cooling and freezing tunnel has a hygienic design in stainless steel with open profiles. These open profiles make the freezer easy to maintain and clean.

“The MRT Carton Freezer is designed to follow with the strict standards of hygiene in the fish processing industry. Furthermore, the open steel profiles are easy to clean and this minimizes the duration of production stop,” explains Olaf Moller.

The MRT Carton Freezer can be customized in length, height and number of carriages etc. according to the needs of the individual customer. According to Olaf Moller the tunnel is also ideal for maturing of fillets before pin-bone removal.