Visualize a chaotic pile of sausages and then a neatly packed tray of sausages you grab from the display cooler in your local supermarket. How do you get from A to Z? How do you automatically orient difficult-to-handle products such as long sausages in a tray and how do you ensure the right amount of product? The recipe is as follows;  you simply gather Cabinplant’s R&D Manager and add a couple of their highly skilled engineers and technicians. Mix their know-how and Cabinplant’s 40 years of experience.  Co-operate closely with the customer and understand his challenge. Utilize Cabinplant’s in-house production and carry out work shop tests.  Adjust and stay innovative. Keep improving until you can offer the customer maximum output and optimal usage of their product. Stir (not shake) the latest technologies in the cocktail.  Voila! This is the winning formula of an innovative turnkey solution perfectly designed according to customer need.



The essence of the innovation and the great advantage for the sausage producers is accurate portion weighing to fixed weight and accurate counting of product. Automation of horizontal and stepwise filling is the key parameter since this process traditionally has been very labour-intensive. Cabinplant’s solution incorporates a large number of their existing key machines, such as their multi head weigher with vibratory feeding. The combinatorial weighing principle ensures minimum give-away and the state-of-the-art sausage depositor results in a labour-saving solution which is no less than a revolution for the customer.

The distribution tool and form parts are exchangeable, allowing various tools to be used on the same packing machine for different tray sizes or quantities. Sausage type and length, tray size and number of sausages per tray depends on customer request. Capacity is up to 120 portions per minute.

“With this innovation, the sausage producers can now automate and optimize their packing process”, says Johnnie Erichsen, Senior Vice President, CCO.

Cabinplant equipment not only enables production of competitive, value-added products, but is also designed to ensure fast return on investment by reducing operating costs.