Maurer-Atmos Middleby’s Product Range Offers a wide Range of Possibilities for the Production of Sausages


Maurer-Atmos Middleby production systems are ideally suited for producers of medium and high volumes of sausages in cellulose casings, whether the filling is based on meat or on poultry. 

MAM’s product range offers a wide range of possibilities for the production of sausages. It consists of their long-established line ASR for small batches (expandable up to 8 trolley units) and thanks to their flexibility they are usable for all processes such as smoking, cooking, baking, reddening, cooling, and cooling. The semi-continuous batch system KCS is available with floor transport or overhead rail system. The airtight transfer zone between the entry and exit sides allows the separation of production and packaging areas (“low-risk“, “high-risk“). The best solution for high volumes (2 tons up to 7 tons per hour) is MAM’s continuous system CONTI that can be used for continuous drying, smoking, cooking or baking depending on their design.



Each design is equipped with an intensive cooling section so the products can be packed immediately after the heat treatment process. The entire process time can be varied and thus be adapted to the product requirements.

The sausage producer can choose between external and internal smoke generator systems, as well as different types of smoke generation. For production facilities with limited space Maurer-Atmos Middleby recommends the friction smoke generator integrated in the front door. This smoke generator can provide up to 8 trolley units. Different types of wood can be used in order to achieve different flavor and color, for instance cherry wood causes a sweeter taste. Consistent product quality is guaranteed with each drying and smoking process as every system circulates air efficiently. MAM’s RONDAIR closed circulation system ensures environmentally-friendly production. 

The technologically leading design of our systems enable user-friendly handling and hygienic production.