The leader of Saratovstata (the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Saratov region), Vyacheslav Somov, commented on the words of his colleague from Tatarstata (the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service of Tatarstan), Valerie Kandilov, who declared that there were no conditions for trade in the Saratov region and there was no need for goods from the region of Tatarstan. 

Somov said that meat imports (except offals) from Tatarstan in 2012—2014 (data for 2015 is not yet compiled) increased from 405.1 tonnes to 2.7 thousand tonnes (2.7 times), milk – from 677.2 tonnes to 909.6 tonnes (34%), confectionery products – from 11 to 157.2 tonnes (14 times).

“There is a wide range of products on the shelves not only from Saratov’s producers, but also from other regions such as Penza, Voronezh, Belgorod, Samara and Ulyanovsk, and Mordovia, etc. Saratov region is open to any businesses that operate according to the law and is ready to work effectively. 

As for the above-mentioned products such as pork production in the Saratov region, according to the Ministry of Economics of the region, it exceeds the demand of the population for this product 5 times and vegetable oil – 11 times. In addition, the prices for this goods in our region are low. Therefore, in my opinion, it is fairer to speak not about absence of conditions for trade development of Tatarstan manufacturers, but about the absence of economic feasibility for some enterprises from the neighboring republics to enter on our market,” has been explained by Vyacheslav Somov.