Meyn innovates the future at IPPE 2018

Meyn, the market leader in poultry processing solutions, will present an extensive range of new innovations to the international community at the IPPE 2018. The equipment range comprises of the areas live bird handling, slaughtering, evisceration, cut up, deboning and plant management. Many of the machines will be making their world premiere at the show.

Meyn has always been an important innovator for the industry. But what makes Meyn stand out is that innovations are only announced when proven and available. Before releasing to the market many tests have been conducted at customer sites around the world.All innovations are developed with the processor’s need in mind. Because more yield, low cost of ownership, maximum food safety and the highest food quality are imperative for a successful future with sustainable profits.

Meyn is showing a grand total of 11 innovations on the company’s 4,800square-footpavilion located in hall C with booth number 1617. The impressive innovation list reads as follows:

Meyn Grande Drawer system (world premiere)
The newest, easy-to-use and animal friendly live bird transport solution. A drawer system, designed for the highest line speeds and with an unrivalled headspace of 255 mm for the birds.

Meyn EVO US Container(world premiere)
With redesigned dimensions for the US market, efficient and cost-effective. Can be integrated with most commonly used US arrival systems and ideal in combination with the Meyn Multistage CO2 stunning system.

Meyn Multistage CO2 stunning system with CO2 reclaim option(world premiere)
Considered as the most animal friendly stunning method. Eliminates live bird handling from the processing plant and reduces wing damage. Reduces CO2 consumption by 80% when usedin combination with the CO2 reclaim option.

Meyn automatic feet selection(world premiere)
Meyn automatic feetselection system providesa fully automated process complete with cameraand product sensing equipment, and nowcomplemented by an automatic ejection machine.Grading and sorting takes place in real time, andanimal welfare data is captured to comply withlocal regulations.

Meyn Vent cutter 240(world premiere)
The Vent cutter 240 ensures consistently low contamination, using a non-rotating bushing technique that protects the knife from cutting into the intestines during vent extraction. Precise and reliable cutting capacity is 8,000 to 13,500 bph on a 6” pitch, using a spring-loaded mechanism. Poultry processors benefit from minimum yield loss or damage, with an exact drilling position and simple adjustment for varying bird weights and sizes. Drill units are thoroughly cleaned after each cycle.

Meyn Opening machine 240(world premiere)
Designed to minimize intestinal damage, the Opening machine 240 ensures consistently low contamination during evisceration, via an innovative ‘swivel’ movement of the scissors that moves the scissors away from the intestinal pack. The scissor action ensures an excellent and consistent cut for a wide variety of bird sizes.

Meyn Rapid breast deboner M4.0
Designed for ultimate convenience and efficiency, Rapid is the Plug & Play automatic breast deboner. The minimum installation time and optimized footprint/capacity ratio, result in low total cost of ownership and save up to 19 FTE per shift. The Meyn Rapid processes 4,000 front halves or breast caps per hour and is suitable for matured and non-matured products. The preset touch buttons allow you to adjust critical settings effortlessly and instantly, i.e., when product weights change.

Meyn Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.0
The new generation Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.0 comes with an increased capability for weight range management for front halves up to 1,700 grams. Breast caps and front halves can be processed within the same concept. Automated breast deboning with the Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.0 means significant labor reduction of up to 28 FTE per shift and provides undamaged back meat harvesting up to 35 grams per bird. The Rapid Plus breast deboner processes 6,000 front halves or breast caps per hour and is suitable for matured and non-matured products.

Meyn TDS thigh deboning solution M1.0
The unrivalled Meyn TDS thigh deboning solution integrates multiple process steps for maximum yield, quality, and throughput, with a minimum of labor. The TDS is available with capacities ranging from 3,600 thighs per hour up to 7,200 thighs per hour

Meyn WLD whole leg deboner M3.0(world premiere)
Meyn’s WLD whole leg deboner M3.0 indiscriminately processes left and right anatomical legs with or without skin at a capacity of 4,200 legs per hour. The WLD M3.0 can precisely debone whole legs to the highest-quality export standards, and to the level of quality demanded by the consumer.

Meyn Connect(world premiere)
The all-new Meyn Connect is a software platform that collects data from multiple sources, from “live bird handling throughdeboning”, and combines it into consistent information that supports multiple tasks. Information is related to order data (quantity, quality, specs),lot (flock) performanceand equipment performance. Users have the right information at their fingertips, at any time.

Meyn pavilion at IPPE 2018
Visitors are welcome at the Meyn pavilion. A pavilion that has been redesigned to match the new Meyn corporate identity. Commercial staff and Product specialists from Meynlook forward to providing information to anyone with an interest in poultry processing. Discover the latest range to have a very close look at the new features. There is something interesting to see for every visitor. Highlights include Meyn Academy and Meyn Service.Meyn customers are welcome in the Meyn VIP Lounge.

About IPPE 2018
Commenting on the importance of IPPE, Robert Bertens, director of sales Meyn Americas said, “Market conditions continue to be favorable in our industry. Our exhibition slogan for this year is ‘Your innovation starts here’, which means we implement changes and innovations. That is why we are proud to present our latest generation of equipment at IPPE to our customers.”

Meyn welcomes all guests to IPPE 2018 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, USA, fromJanuary30thto February 1st, inHallC, at booth1617.