QDS PROCESS®: Digitisation of Meat Dry Cured Products


The QDS Process® technology is based on a continuous digitization system which applies traditional air drying to fermented slices instead of whole pieces. This results in a substantial reduction in production times, going from a process requiring several weeks to a drying period of between 15 and 60 minutes. This reduction in production time is achieved without altering in any way the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the product, which introduces a new process paradigm that is giving rise to the emergence of new product ranges and new business models. 



This drastic shortening of the drying process also signifies a great improvement in production for manufacturers, since it enables them to reduce their financial and production costs and to react quickly to any market demand, bringing the process closer to just-in-time production and eliminating the obligation of maintaining large stocks of finished product. The QDS process also makes it possible to reduce the space allocated to the drying process. The improvement of food safety, along with significant reductions in energy consumption and environmental impact, are other important advantages of this innovative process.

At IFFA 2013, METALQUIMIA presented the QDS Standard and QDS Utility lines, suitable for all types of cured meat products, capacities and productions.