Tasty Shapes Innovative Marinating of Portioned Products


In-line innovation

Adding value by marinating 

As a full-line supplier, Marel Townsend Further Processing can provide technologically advanced equipment for every step in your production line. Now there is an innovative new solution for further processors wishing to marinate portioned products. The RevoPortioner – ValueSpray in-line solution allows you to create new, original products with more possibilities than ever seen before.



Fragile raw material

The ever popular RevoPortioner is a revolutionary portioning system that copes beautifully with all meat masses as well as potato, fish and meat replacement. Its high process capacity, extremely accurate portioning and ability to retain the texture and structure of even the most fragile raw material has made it the successful machine it is today. Now coupled with the ValueSpray, this efficient portioning equipment is set to provide even more capabilities for its loyal customer base.



Uniform distribution

The ValueSpray was specifically designed for the in-line wet marinating of portioned and/or fragile meat products with an accurate pick-up and uniform distribution of marinade and coarse pieces. Compared to traditional marinating equipment such as dippers and tumblers, the ValueSpray distributes marinade more uniformly over the products. Spraying the marinade gently onto the products means that fragile products are kept intact. The seamless connection with the RevoPortioner turns a versatile machine into a truly innovative system.



  • In-line solution

  • Savings on labor costs

  • Fewer steps in the production process

  • Low raw material start-up volume

  • Less give-away

  • Fragile products remain intact

  • Standardization – always the same result

  • Quick change-over possible.




Product mass is transported at low pressure to the RevoPortioner portioning unit by a meat pump. The portioning unit portions the product mass while the drum determines product shape and dimensions.

From the pump the product mass is pressed at low pressure into the distributor housing, which ensures equal distribution of the product mass over the width of the drum. A continuously rotating portioning drum can be found at the end of the distributor housing. The pressurized slide plate keeps the filled form under pressure ensuring consistent product shape. At the blow-off position portioned products are blown from the portioning drum using air pressure. After they have been blown off, portioned products move on a conveyor belt to the ValueSpray.

Via the conveyor belt portioned products are transported along a set of nozzles that spray the marinade on one (top) or both (top and bottom) sides of the products. 

The overshoot during spraying of the products flows back to the reservoir and is reused, minimizing the loss of valuable marinade. Both the RevoPortioner and ValueSpray are controlled by means of a touch screen which includes production, recipe, service and cleaning management.



For fragile products that will be sold fresh and not cooked in an oven, a Coatinade™ can be applied in the ValueSpray. This alginate-based marinade forms a protective shield around the product, ensuring that it will not fall apart. In order to harden the Coatinade™, products should pass through a salt solution after the ValueSpray.