The import of “Bush legs” (the Russian term for chicken leg quarters from the United States) has recently been up to 67% and now the amounts are no more than 8%. Russian poultry farms successfully cope with the rest of the production volumes themselves. Poultry farming in the Samara regionRead More →

According to the Agricultural Marketing Agency of Poland (ARR), exports of poultry meat from Poland increased up to 709 000 tonnes, which is 21% in 2014. The value of exports reached 1.4 billion euros, 22% more than the last year.  Last year, European countries became the main market of PolishRead More →

Hans Jensen Engineeringis launched the new cooling and freezing solution MRT Carton Freezer (Multi Retention Time) at SPG 2015. The tunnel allows fish manufacturers to simultaneously freeze fish with different freeze times and this increases the production capacity and cuts costs for cooling.     At SPG 2015, Hans JensenRead More →

Danish drainage manufacturer, BLÜCHER, launched a new drainage concept at SPG 2015. The HygienicProis designed without corners and has high capacity filter baskets. This ensures food manufacturers drainage that minimizes bacteria and does not cause production slowdowns.. The drainage concept has been developed in cooperation with BLÜCHER’s clients in theRead More →

At SPG 2015, Semi-Staal A/S presented a new project for world-leading shrimp manufacturer NAQUA. The project includes a doubling of NAQUAs eight sorting stations, which enables the shrimp producer to increase the production capacity by 75 percent. The new project that Semi-Staal A/S presented is part of NAQUAs objective toRead More →