Agroprodmash 2017 offered technological solutions for different sectors of the food industry. Nineteen thematic salons showed an upward trend. In 2017 the number of exhibitors and the exhibition space have increased by 10% in comparison to 2016. The industry experts met new participants and learned about new brands and technologicalRead More →

A NEW LIVESTOCK BREEDING COMPLEX IS UP AND RUNNING AT FULL CAPACITY IN SAKHALIN OBLAST. IT WAS BUILT IN ONLY SIX MONTHS. Now the region is fully provided with domestically produced meat. The factory, which is one of the largest plants in Sakhalin, has been built in only six months.Read More →

ALTAI ENTREPRENEURS LAUNCHED THE FIRST MARBLE MEAT PROCESSING PLANT IN THE REGION, THE PUBLIC TELEVISION OF RUSSIA REPORTED. This is a rare type of product in Russia. The owner of the enterprise is an agricultural cooperative which arranged a full production cycle. The entrepreneurs invested two million rubles in theRead More →

ACCLES & SHELVOKE LTD HAVE INTRODUCED A NEW DEVICE FOR MEASURING THE STUNNING PERFORMANCE OF THEIR CASH® STUNNING TOOLS. The all new CASH® Captive Bolt Stun Check by Accles & Shelvoke measures the precise velocity of the captive bolt of their range of CASH® penetrative stunning tools. Animal welfare concernsRead More →

Ishida Europe has developed a unique marination system for protein products that avoids the mess and waste traditionally associated with this process, to deliver marinated products, such as meat, poultry and fish, more efficiently and consistently than before. The award winning Ishida Orbicote, which has been named Innovative Processing SystemRead More →

Detectamet has introduced three new personal protection products that are metal and X-ray detectable and can be cleaned repeatedly and used for up to 3 months. The increased value for money and reduced environmental impact are attracting interest for these aprons, full length sleeve covers and three-quarter smocks. They areRead More →