Krehalon Identifies Market Opportunity for ‘Easy-Open’ Plastic Casings in Russia

In light of the upcoming 2018 Agroprodmash show, Krehalon and Russian distributor Logos share their excitement about new pathways for growing business in Russia.

According to global packaging manufacturer Krehalon, recent market research pointed out that there is a demand for improved convenience in sausage handling for Russian consumers. As a result, Krehalon has investigated ways to serve the market by bringing in the already well-established packaging materials in China – KreWrap™ DW- Krehalon monolayer polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) films.

Krehalon’s KreWrap™ DW films are used mainly as a casing film for pork, chicken or fish sausages. These high barrier films have both oxygen and moisture barrier properties and are sustainable for high temperature and pressure sterilization. This makes them ideally suited for the manufacture of not only standard cooked sausage but also shelf-stable sausages, which can be transported and stored at room temperature.

The key advantage of the KreWrap™ materials is that they can incorporate ‘easy open’ and ‘easy peel’ features for more convenient handling. The option to apply a ‘cut tape device’ to the sausage casing can give consumers the convenience of easy, quick and comfortable way of tearing the casing without a knife or product distortion.

Low oxygen and water vapor permeability of the KreWrap™DW materials prevent discoloration and flavour deterioration of the packed product as well as help retain product weight.

The heat-shrink properties of these films together with their transparency and gloss allow for attractive product presentation without wrinkles. The high heat resistance of the materials enables high temperature sterilization.

The KreWrap™ films could be used in combination with Kureha’s own Auto Packer (KAP) – a high-speed vertical form-fill-clip machine, or any other form-fill-clip equipment. KAP provides a hermetic closure which eliminates bacteria contamination of the cooked sausage, and the production cost of retort sausage can be minimised by its high-speed production. A broad range of KAP models are available to suit various contents, product sizes and applications, helping to enhance productivity.

Logos will present this concept at length during Agroprodmash 2018 – Pavilion 2, Second Level, Hall 3 – Stand 23E30.