The Largest Fish Smoking Factory in the Nordics Opened in Sastamala in Finland

The 28-million-euro investment by Kalaneuvos more than doubles the production capacity of the company founded in 1975 and makes it the largest smoked fish producer in the Nordic countries. Kalaneuvos aims at securing the supply of Finnish fish and increasing eco-friendly food production in Finland.

The 28-million-euro factory expansion by the largest fish industry operator in Finland, Kalaneuvos, has been commissioned. The major investment more than doubles the production facilities of the fish processing plant in Sastamala to more than 11,000 square metres. In the future, the plant can be used to smoke 10 million kilograms and fillet 12 million kilograms of fish a year.

“The investment is the largest we have made during the 44-year history of our family business. We want to meet the growing demand for fish both in Finland and abroad, and the new expansion to our factory will help us to do that,” says CEO, Veijo Hukkanen.

After the expansion of the fish processing plant, Kalaneuvos is now the largest fish smoking operator in the Nordics. The factory located in Sastamala houses 10 smoking cabins for hot-smoked products and three cabins for cold-smoked products, which enables the plant to smoke more than 40,000 kilograms of fish daily. The new factory also features three filleting lines, one of which is fully automated. Kalaneuvos has been able to generate approximately 30 new jobs.

“Thanks to the factory expansion, we are able to provide more eco-friendly products for Finns and increase export to Asia, for example,” Hukkanen says.